Eric Jenkins

I have always had a love of music since I was young. I used to record songs from the radio on my single condenser microphone cassette recorder. I would play back the songs on the bus to school for everyone. Later I got my first shot at DJing in the church. I got to pick the music to backdrop our gatherings and parties. I landed my first DJ spot at “Crazy Mama’s” in Columbus, OH near the Ohio State University. I played for free in a punk bar where the doorman resembled Brian Stetser of the Stray Cats. Later while in the Military, I joined 3 other DJ’s where we hosted some of the most successful parties off base in the city of Zaragoza Spain. I also had a short job playing in a local bar. I was also featured on a Spanish radio show where the DJ spotlighted me and the music I loved and played for people. After the military was a long span where I did not DJ. Moving to Atlanta I actually got to help and do some on air work at WNNX 99x. After a taste for the radio DJ I had always wanted to be, I moved to Athens to get a job working at WPUP Bulldog 103.7. When that ended with the help of my roommate who was also a club DJ, I got a job DJing for Boneshakers. I didn’t move back to Atlanta, but a year later I started DJing for The Atlanta Eagle. Toward the end of that time I learned a new skill by VJing for The Red Chair. We only had home DVD players where I learned how to press pause and play a lot to match the beats and mix the video to create a dance club atmosphere. During one of these summers I got my first campground under my belt. Timberfell Campground and Lodge was a fun summer. Leaving the scene for another number of years, I came back to DJ Atlanta Bear Fest and Southeast Bear Gathering. This helped to push me back into DJing again. Since then I have been interviewed by Larry Flick on Sirius Out Q. Played North American Bear Weekend 2015. Camp Bear at Timberfell 2012/2013/2014/2015. Cocktobearfest at Timberfell 2010/2014. Atlanta Bearfest 2008-present. Have re-joined The Atlanta eagle in 2014-present. Playing Mountain Bear Madness 2015 in Virginia. Rivers Edge Campground 2001, TRE Red Light District Pool Party 2014, TRE Octobearfest 2014. BAR•CODE “What CODE is your MODE” – Code theme parties started 2014.